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Taggies Camilla Catepillar

Taggies Camilla Catepillar

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  • Camilla is the perfect cuddly caterpillar for little ones! Made with the softest materials and features beautiful shades of pink, coral, and soft greens. Taggies ribbons provide an extra sensory experience for baby to explore and engage with.

    Why we love:
    – Nature’s miracle, the caterpillar, designed for babies.
    – Soft dusty toned color palette blends with room décor.
    – Crinkle Me Taggies features butterflies to complete the nature story
    – Lots of tags for baby to explore

    Our slinky, smiling caterpillar soft toy in soft greens and pinks! With a segmented body, six legs, and 9 Taggies ribbons, she is ready to crawl into your heart.

    – 10″ long
    – Lying body style features many textures and colors
    – Loads of Taggies looped ribbons
    – Beans for weight and floppyness
    – All embroidered face details
    – Machine wash, air dry

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