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Terrazzo Tones Teacher Planner

Terrazzo Tones Teacher Planner

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We love it when a plan falls into place, and we're confident you'll plan for success with this sophisticated, earth-toned lesson planner. Keep up to 40 weeks of daily lesson plans in one convenient book. This book includes substitute teacher information, student roster sheets, and memorable quotations to use and discuss throughout the year. Twelve large monthly planning calendar spreads are also included for year-long lesson planning as well as for scheduling appointments, conferences, and events. The lesson planner also includes a variety of colorful stickers to use throughout the year. Whether you need to prioritize the day’s events, add weekly reminders, highlight something special, or simply provide a bit of inspiration, these cheerful stickers will keep your lessons beautifully organized.

112 pages plus 4 sheets of planner stickers


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