Assorted Nylon Paint Brush Set w/ Translucent Handles (12/Pack)

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Ideal for everyday arts & crafts, hobbies, posters, school projects, and more! 

Artist paint brushes can be used with a variety of paints including watercolors, poster paints, tempera and acrylic. 

Each brush is made of long-lasting nylon bristles with different colored, translucent handles that are comfortable to hold and resist rusting and seamless metal ferrule that will eliminate paint build up.

Easy grip handles


  • 5 flat brushes - ideal for blending & spreading the paint
  • 3 angle brushes - ideal for precise shading & highlighting in tight areas. 
  • 3 round brushes - ideal for detail painting. Apply pressure to make thick-to-thin strokes. 
  • 1 liner brush - ideal for outlining and thin areas.

Ages 3+

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